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An Introduction to Carefree Association Management

Regardless of size, an Owners' Association is its own community with its own special needs. Traditionally, a Board of Directors will take responsibility for fee collection, maintenance problems, bill paying record keeping and the many other headaches of operating an Owners' Association.

Bartlein & Company, Inc. is a professional property management team with the experience and expertise to take care of the many important details of keeping an Owners' Association running smoothly.

The Service

Bartlein & Company provides complete property management services to the Owners' Association. We act on behalf of the Association to deal with contractors and service people. Bookkeeping and accounting is accurate and timely, with monthly financial reports submitted to each member of the Association. We work with the Board of Directors to assist in enforcing CC&R's, by-laws, and rules and regulations established by the Association. A Bartlein & Company representative attends board meetings and regularly inspects the property.

Professional property management services for Homeowners Associations include:

  Collection of monthly fees

  Preparation of annual and long term budgets

  Maintenance of common areas

  Payment of bills

  Response to owner problems

  Detailed monthly financial statements

  Contracting for and supervision of services

  Coordination and participation in Association meetings

  Other functions as requested by the Association Directors



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