An Introduction to Carefree Rental Real Estate Ownership

Professional property management offers the real estate investor freedom from tenant complaints, rent collection, maintenance problems, bill paying and record keeping, and all the other headaches that owning investment real estate can bring.

Our Services:

• Rent Collection • Preparation of annual and long term budgets • Maintenance • Payment of bills and mortgage payments • Market analysis to maximize rents • Rental of vacant units • Responding to tenant problems • Detailed monthly financial statements • Supervision of resident caretakers

Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Property Management:

We have a professional maintenance staff that can perform most maintenance functions. When our people work at your property we simply pass on their cost to you. For example, if we are paying a maintenance worker $15.00 per hour, you are charged $15.00 per hour plus the payroll insurance and taxes. We do not make a profit from maintenance work. We also have agreements with many plumbers, electricians, carpenters and suppliers for services at rates below those that they charge to the general public. Those savings are passed along to you.
The cost is extremely low. Most owners find that professional management pays for itself by keeping rents up to market levels and by increasing property values through proper maintenance. In addition, we purchase many supplies and materials in large quantities and at substantial discounts, which enables us to pass along considerable savings to our clients. Our maintenance personnel usually can make needed repairs and improvements at far less than the cost of outside contractors.
We will obtain bids for all repairs, replacements and purchases, and submit them to you for a final decision.
Every tenant must complete a detailed application form. We then thoroughly investigate the tenant’s background including a credit report, employment verification, and the recommendation of two previous landlords. By careful tenant selection turnovers are reduced and property values are increased.
We are on call 24 hours every day. Workers are ready to respond at any hour, day or night.
We pay them for you when they are due. Receipts are sent to you each month attached to your monthly financial statement.